The Hill: Dems face pressure from left to step up court fight on ‘blue slips’


Democrats are brushing off calls from the left to play hardball after Republicans invoked the “nuclear option” to speed up most of President Trump’s nominees.

The move to reduce how long it takes to confirm hundreds of picks sparked a flurry of angry speeches from Democrats who characterized the move as a “sad day” for the Senate.

The changes marked the second and third time Republicans have gone nuclear since Trump’s election, leaving progressive groups fuming over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) tactics and annoyed at what they see as a lack of a response from Democrats.

“It’s really frustrating to watch Democrats sort of acknowledge that this is a Republican power grab, which of course it is, and then not commit to doing anything,” said Chris Kang, the chief counsel for Demand Justice.

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