NPR: Trump’s Judicial Appointments Were Confirmed At Historic Pace In 2018


The Trump administration more than doubled the number of judges it confirmed to federal appeals courts in 2018, exceeding the pace of the last five presidents and stocking the courts with lifetime appointees who could have profound consequences for civil rights, the environment and government regulations.

…With that political reality in mind, left-leaning groups know they are facing an uphill battle in the judiciary.

Christopher Kang, chief counsel at the advocacy group Demand Justice, said he’s “heartened” that Senate Democrats refused to do a deal to confirm more Trump picks at the end of 2018.

But, he added, “it’s not enough for Democrats to simply stop fast-tracking Trump’s judges — we have been calling on them to oppose every one. Trump’s nominees are the most conservative in history, and Republicans have broken every rule, custom and norm possible to steamroll the Senate’s constitutional responsibly. It’s time for Democrats to do everything they can and unite in their opposition.”

Kang also pointed out that for all of Trump’s success in filling judicial vacancies, only one African-American and one Hispanic judge have won confirmation in the Trump era. NPR recently examined the way the White House has been reshaping the judiciary by race, gender and qualification.

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