New York Times: Frustrated Democrats Intensify Demand for Big Institutional Changes


It’s an emerging rallying cry on the left: Expand the Supreme Court and eliminate the Senate filibuster.

Still seething over Republican obstruction during the Obama administration that peaked in 2016 with the blockade against the Supreme Court nominee Merrick B. Garland, liberal groups are encouraging Democrats running for president and the Senate to commit to enlarging the court and scuttling the Senate’s famous procedural weapon.

The intensifying push for those fundamental changes could add an explosive element to the 2020 campaign as candidates are forced to take a stand on structural changes in how government works. Multiple Democratic candidates have already said they would at least consider both possibilities, and activists intend to keep the pressure on to turn those proposals into top-tier issues.

“We cannot surrender to a status quo where Trump judges are set to block any solutions on health care, climate change or gun safety for the next 30 years,” said Brian Fallon, the head of Demand Justice, a liberal advocacy group focused on the federal judiciary. “The debate is quickly moving past the question of whether Democrats should seek to reform our courts at all to the question of exactly what type of reform to pursue.”

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